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Metrics Portal
The Metrics Portal provides analytics and metrics turning logistics data into knowledge. The four pillars of metrics are the principals behind the system. Information is provided VISUALLY using maps where possible, it is INTERACTIVE, we provide interfaces to ensure the information is CURRENT and most of all the system is EASY to use.

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What We Do

Turning data into information

Sample screens are shown below. This does not represent the complete system

Contact us for a complete demo or to discuss your metrics. (561) 571-BLUE(2583)

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    Metric 4 Pillars of Success
  • Visual - Active use of Google Maps and Charts
  • Interactive - Slice and dice, export and customize
  • Current - Schedule updates as required
  • Easy - Familiar Mapping interface
      Secure Web Portal
  •  HTTPS Encryption
  • Individual userid and passwords
  • Daily SiteLock security scans
  • Session Timeouts

KPI's Actively Tracked
Load Weight
On Time Pickup/Delivery
  • Isolate states, select a radius around a point
  • Obtain non compliant cost lanes by volume
  • Obtain non compliant cost lanes by savings opportunity
  • Zoom to destination
  • Drill down to lane detail including loads by day and metric trends
  • Tracks and displays many different metrics items
  • Data Export
  • Historical information and standard deviation
  • Trends by Origin and Top 20 Destinations
  • Send to PDF or print
  • Cost, Volume and Weight Analysis
  • Costing By State
  • Additional drill downs


XmR Charts
  • XmR Charts for every lane and each metric
  • Proactive alerts to out of bound metrics


Volume/Costing By State
  • Cost Analysis by state, haul, coat per mile and cost per unit of measure
  • Cost analysis by haul length
  • Breakout by business unit/plant location
  • Analyze data by destination or origin
  • Pickup/Destination volume analysis
  • Additional drill downs


Group Performance
  • Business Unit performance comparisons
  • Plant/Location analysis and comparisons
  • Print report or save to PDF to send via email
  • Modal spend breakdown


  Company Profile
  • Set costing unit of measure (LB, CWT, Pallet, TEU etc.)
  • Set short haul/long haul mileage
  • Set default metrics
  • Control routing guide options
  User Management
  • Individual login and password
  • Activate and inactivate users
  • Set security groups

Contact Us

(561) 571-BLUE (2583)